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Edward Britz's Bio:

EDWARD BRITZ HAS CARVED A NICHE IN THE GRAPHIC DESIGN INDUSTRY as a highly-creative, freelance graphic designer. With over 2 decades of professional design and illustration experience, and a portfolio full of happy clients of all shapes and sizes, Edward Britz has proven himself to be the streamlined answer for those who need professional graphic design done quickly without sacrificing quality.


"WHEN I WANT SOMETHING CREATIVE AND FAST I CALL EDWARD. I don't have to go into details with pages of written documentations and hours of phone conversations for him to get exactly what I need. He always comes through for me." (Lisa, General Mills)


"EDWARD BRITZ IS SIMPLY GREAT AT WHAT HE DOES, and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend him for any project." (Stephen C. Roberts, M.D.)


"YOU ARE QUICK AND AWESOME! Thank you." (Van, Polaris Industries)

Edward Britz's Education:

Edward Britz's Interests & Activities:

good design, typography, technology, traditional illustration, industrial design, furniture design, music composition, travel

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